Commercial tyres, including those for trucks, buses, mini-vans and trailers, are integral to various business operations. Whether transporting personnel or cargo over long distances, these vehicles are invaluable assets, emphasising its importance in the industry.

The choice of tyres depends on the type of terrain and the type of operation, the vehicle will encounter. It's essential to examine the tread design, sidewall construction, load & speed ratings to determine the right specification for on-road & off-road applications.

There are two main types of tread designs depending on how you use them

Rib Design: This design, with zig-zag or straight grooves, is great for steering or trailer positions. It works well for stop-and-start driving with lots of turns, and it also fuel efficient because of low rolling resistance.

Lug Design: This design, with blocks and grooves, offers excellent traction on the road, making it ideal for multi axle fleet vehicles suiting mix of on and off-road application.


Commercial tyres endure heavy loads and constant strain, making it crucial to consider the vehicle's average load capacities when selecting them. The expert team at Al Saeedi Group can provide guidance on choosing the appropriate tyre for the right application ensuring smooth & safe driving and being cost effective.

Selecting tyres that offer warranty against manufacturing defects is very crucial. It's important to analyze the cause of failure and compute the warranty provision on pro-rata basis of the usable component of the tyre, primarily the remaining tread depth.

Al Saeedi Group has earned the trust of numerous large corporations for  fleet maintenance support. With a good understanding of the application and usage of these vehicles, we deliver exceptional service to offer right tyre brand with the right specification and solutions. Regular tyre maintenance such as tyre pressure assessments, tyre balancing, wheel alignment, tyre rotation etc will guarantee product mileage and endurance.