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01 Jan 2022


Al Saeedi & CAMSO – Delivering Exceptional Durability, Traction and Value for Construction and Material Handling Tyres

CAMSO is one of the leading tyres manufacturer for off-the-road vehicles such as construction equipment, industrial vehicles, forklifts and rubber tracks. Headquartered in Canada, CAMSO has a global workforce of more than 8,000 employees with research centres across the globe, including Canada, Ghent, Sri-Lanka, Shanghai & Ho-Chi Minh City.

In 2018, Michelin – one of the leading global tyre companies, acquired the CAMSO brand, solidifying CAMSO‘s position as the world leader in the manufacturing & research relating to Off The Road tyres (OTR)

When it comes to construction tyres and tracks, CAMSO delivers the right product for the unique niche mobility needs of the off-the-road (OTR) market. Through extensive research, CAMSO ensures the lowest operating cost solution (LOCS) as the tyres are designed for a specific application to maximise performance and durability.

CAMSO offers the widest range of products that are recognised for their performance in terms of service life, puncture resistance, traction, and operator ride comfort. Our construction tracks offer superior protection against rolling path failure, carcass puncturing and flange cutting. They last at least 20% longer than standard tracks. At the end of the day, we ensure users’ reliability from tyres and tracks in terms of mileage and safety.

CAMSO – Construction & Industrial Equipment tyres in UAE
All construction job sites are different and dynamic environments. To successfully navigate and ensure the project stays on track, the engineering of the tyres fitted on the machinery is critical. Enter CAMSO & over three decades of experience in research & development – they are renowned for engineering tyres that help construction companies and contractors get the most out of their equipment, decreasing turnaround time and increasing profitability.

Tyres on construction sites are subject to wear & tear – from the assault of broken concrete to the relentless build-up of the heat (especially in UAE summers.) In light of this choosing, the right tyres for your equipment become even more critical to prevent delays.

CAMSO tyres for Logistic Companies in UAE
The logistics sector plays a pivotal role in the supply chain, especially with the current COVID-19 outbreak. The industry is becoming increasingly competitive. It is crucial for forklifts operating in logistics warehouses to have the right tyres to achieve optimum performance in long operating conditions. The selection of tyres for your forklifts is a significant factor in managing operating costs. Enter CAMSO again! Drawing on their experience and years of research, CAMSO offers a wide range of Solid & Pneumatic Forklift tyres to choose from for your Forklifts, providing quality engineering, prolonging tyre life and reducing operational costs.

Selecting the proper tyres in the UAE – Radial v. Bias Construction

While both have their pros and cons, it’s about choosing which works best for your requirement/application. CAMSO has expertly engineered OTR tyres for specific and general applications suitable for a wide variety of construction machinery.

Bias tyres

  • Better suited for short distances
  • Greater vehicle stability
  • Greater cut resistance on the sidewall
  • Improved self-cleaning

Radial tyres

  • Excellent tread wear
  • Longer tread life
  • Better suited for longer distances
  • Greater puncture resistance in the tread area
  • Greater traction

Al Saeedi Group & CAMSO

Al Saeedi Group is the authorised distributor of CAMSO in the UAE and has been providing tyre solutions for leading Construction Equipment Companies & Industrial Companies. Whether it’s tyres for your skid steers, loaders, backhoes, earthmovers, any other construction equipment, or forklift equipment, our representatives can effectively assist you in getting the right tyre solution for different operating conditions.

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