Passenger car tyres includes regular car tyres as well as tyres for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) with multiple variants such as Cross-Overs, 4x4’s offering various quadrants of experiences such as Comfort, Sport, Touring and Performance.


PCR tyres are designed exclusively for cars, SUVs & 4x4s featuring varying tread patterns tailored to specific terrain, driving habits and special needs.

Often referred to as standard tyres, these are the most commonly purchased type. They are manufactured with harder compounds, specifically engineered to perform optimally in high ambient temperatures.


Tyres are made with specialized compounds designed to offer traction and grip on icy and wet roads. The treads will often have deeper grooves to expel snow and water.



All-season tyres are manufactured using a combination of summer and winter tyre compounds, making them versatile across various temperatures but not specifically optimized for any particular range.

Run-flat tyres feature thicker, reinforced sidewalls compared to regular tyres, allowing them to continue running for 80 kms at a speed of 80 kms/hr even after experiencing a puncture or getting the tyre flat.

Tyres are also categorized based on their tread pattern, which comprises channels, grooves, sipes, and blocks arranged in specific configurations. Each tread pattern has its own advantages and disadvantages. Typically, there are three kinds of tread patterns.

Designed to maximize cornering capability and grip

Engineered to safeguard against aquaplaning, optimal for winter conditions, ensuring precise directional control and minimal noise emissions.

Symmetrical tyres, also known as multidirectional tyres, excel in urban driving scenarios, offering strong grip and road-holding capabilities. However, they are not specifically designed for wet conditions.

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